How my journey began

I never considered a vegan diet. I always viewed vegans as extreme, unhealthy, and deprived of all of the tasty food I enjoyed quite regularly.

Everything changed when I developed a severe, life threatening milk allergy during my last pregnancy. I had some really good friends who were vegan, and when I told them I had given up all dairy, they suggested I try going all vegan for one day. Just to try it. Well, one day turned into one week, and before I knew it, I was an expert on creating vegan recipes for any craving. I posted endless photos on my news feed of my newest creations. Friends began asking me for recipes, ideas, and suggesting I open a restaurant.

So, I finally decided to do the next best thing. Start a blog! I hope you enjoy the collection of my favorite vegan junk food!

One comment

  1. I’m proud of you! This is great! Your rolls-4 ways looks sooo yummy! I’m gonna try the garlic rolls and the cinnamon rolls! Also the pancakes!!!!! Yummmmm! Love you!


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